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The study found people with higher cheekbones more trustworthy

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that American psychologist recently found that the first thing people see strangers can decide whether other credible, but the key factor is to see this person's face. We tend to believe that those who have a high eyebrow and high cheekbones, but do not believe that facial features from the narrow and sunken cheekbones people. This study once again emphasizes the importance of first impressions.

However, there is no evidence that those facial features trustworthy person really credible, people just decide based on appearance.

New York University psychologists have found that there is a region of the brain that we can decide whether to believe a person, even before we know someone will make a decision. Brain requires only 33 milliseconds (ie 3/100 seconds), or tenth blink of an eye, you can decide whether to trust a person. Once we feel can not trust each other, the brain will become immediately alarmed. The study was published in the "Journal of Neuroscience."

Assistant professor of psychology at New York University's Jonathan Freeman said: "The brain does not know each other before we automatically be trusted to decide whether the results of this study through face with another human studies have shown that we are to a large extent. on not through awareness, but intuition to judge other people. "

The results of this study nike schweiz apply to public figures who, we found some trusted figures such as actress Angelina Jolie and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby does have a high eyebrow and high cheekbones. On the contrary, those who have been condemned dishonest public figures, such as former U.S. President Richard Nixon and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, then has a sunken cheekbones and eyebrows furrowed.

The researchers gave ten volunteers demonstrated 300 computer-generated faces, then asked them to trust in each face. It was found that those with high air jordan cheekbones, high eyebrow and smiling person is considered the most honest. Meanwhile, the researchers gave these groups of volunteers saw the real face of strangers, the same facial features are considered trustworthy.

In a second set of experiments, the researchers for the new 37 group of volunteers nike schuhe schweiz to provide a "trusted" and "untrustworthy" person of photos, but these photos appeared only a moment, and then immediately be replaced neutral photos, such the brain can not process the information before. During the volunteers' brain activity was monitored down.

Scientists have discovered that the brain called the amygdala is a region crucial for social and emotional processing, it can within 33 milliseconds, the moment even photos appear to be activated. "The results show that we can see the face of another man unconscious in the rapid assessment of credibility, while the amygdala plays an important role in this process." According to Freeman speculated that one possibility is that the face information will quickly recognize the amygdala track so as to change the process other brain and rapid impression adjustment.

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