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Who will clinch the FIFA World Cup Trophy - Overall strength PK Germany slightly better Argentina

Brazil's World Cup finals will carried at 16:00 on July 13, Argentina will face Germany in the final third time. Considering the offensive, defensive various factors, such as teamwork, the strength of the German team the upper hand slightly.

Teamwork (Germany 8 points VS Argentina 7 points)

Germany is the team of which maximum number of passes averaging in this World Cup, followed by Spain, Italy and Argentina, and Germany 58.3 percent of possession behind Spain, Argentina places 55.7 percent ranked No. 5. After the knockout round, Germany on the basis of keeping pass control to join the traditional German soccer factors. And after entering the playoffs, Sabella use a more conservative 4-4-2, also helped Argentina three playoff games are zero closure opponents, but the offensive power plummeted.

Offensive capability (Germany 8 points VS Argentina 6 points)

Germany 6 Battle scored 17 goals, averaging 2.8 goals scored and is averaging the most goals team in Brazil's World Cup. Muller, Klose, Ozil, Xu Earle and Goetze up the all-conquering offensive line, the German team has scored six games. Argentina 6 Battle scored eight goals, averaging only 1.3 goals scored, despite having Messi, Higuain, Aguero and Di Maria's top striker, Argentina 6 war 96 shots are second only to Brazil, but Sa Elie did not inspire the entire offensive strength Argentina.

Defensive ability (Germany 7 points VS Argentina 8 points)

Germany lost 4 goals in 6 matchs, averaging 0.66 throw the ball, has been broken by Ghana, Algeria and Brazil. In the match with Ghanaon exposed loopholes the defensive of wing, Algeria places defensive back frequently threaten Germany's goal. Argentina 6 battle lost only three goals, averaging 0.5 goals lost, is the team which lost least goals in this World Cup, three consecutive playoff battle zero closure opponents, since Nigeria winger Musa broke, Argentina has 373 minutes without conceding a goal.

Willpower (Germany 6 points VS Argentina air max 7 points)

German football has always been known for willpower, but since 2006, coach Joachim Loew, the German football team emphasized pass control, but also gradually lost willpower, Schweinsteiger admitted: "We must rediscover our will force to regain the German tradition. " However Argentines show great willpower, Messi, Di Maria were lore Iran, Switzerland, semifinal victory over the Netherlands by penalties.

Tactical air jordan execution (Germany 7 points VS Argentina 7 points)

Whether no front array, or the 4231 lineup with an arrow by Klose, the German players are very good execution of the Loew develop tactics, but was asked to play defensive midfielder captain Lahm also change the right in accordance with the requirements Loew defender. Argentina is the most frequently lineup change teams, the playoffs is the change to play a more conservative 4-4-2, but the Argentine players resolute implementation of Savilla tactics.

Bench (Germany 8 points VS Argentina 7 points) nike running

Germany's bench powerful lineup, Xu Earle, Podolski, Draxler, Goetze has the strength to change the game, but the two gates lack of a suitable replacement. Argentines also proud of have five top strikers, but injuries to Mary lead to Savilla use military forces stretched, Palacio, Aguero will become Savilla Bianzhao.

Composite score (Germany 8 points VS Argentina 7 points)

To the base on pass-control team of Germany is the most outstanding performancel, the most stable team, and also the highest scoring team in this World Cup. Qualify for the finals deserved. The Argentine has Mr. Jin Qiu Lionel Messi play more conservative tactics, but also with a solid defensive game winning streak Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands enter final. In terms of overall strength, Germany ahead of Argentina slightly!

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