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James officially announced back to Knight--I'm coming home

LeBron - James has finally made a decision again! "Little Emperor" James, through their own social networking site announced: He will return to his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers. James said he decided to do this is wanna to go home, but he also said that Miami will always be his second home, and left the band of brothers is very tough. And now, James Knight eager to bring a championship to his hometown!

James wanna to go home after four years

James is Akron, Ohio, not far from Cleveland, so the knight is also regarded as his hometown team. In the 2003 NBA Draft, with the top pick, Knight did not hesitate to choose the James, and James's NBA career playing for the first seven seasons in the Knights, he won two MVP during the regular season. But that seven years James has not been possible championship aspirations, so in the summer of 2010, he made the decision to join the Heat. Among the four seasons for the Heat effectiveness, James IV into the finals and won two championships.

While making the decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, James is also lyrical by a long article, presented his true feelings. "Before no one cares where I played , I was a kid from Northeast Ohio, this is where I come out, this is where I ran, this is where I cry, this is where I bleed, it is always a special place in my heart. "James said," the contact to me and northeast Ohio is more than basketball, four years ago, I did not realize this, and now I know. "

James went on to say: "I always thought I would return to Cleveland to finish my career, I just do not know what time. After the end of the season, I did not even think about becoming a free agent, but I have two children, and my wife Savannah Na is pregnant with a girl, so I started thinking about my family lives in my hometown would look like? I looked at the other teams, but in addition toms schuhe to Cleveland, I will not leave Miami to go anywhere else. through more time, I'm getting the feeling this is correct. "

Interestingly, when James made that decision four years ago, the entire Miami went crazy, but the whole Cleveland are angry, the fans burned his jersey, made a lot of things to vent their anger. "My mood is very complex, it is very easy to say, 'Well, I do not want a deal with these people.'" James said, "I met with Gilbert, face to face, man to man, we've talked about open. everyone makes mistakes, and I do have made mistakes, so I have no reason to hold a grudge. "

But for James personally, that decision four years ago is absolutely correct, so this time when he made the decision to return to the Cavaliers, he more or less still felt sad. "When I left Cleveland, I was entrusted with the mission of my pursuit championship, now I already have two championship rings." James said, "The most difficult thing is to leave those guys and I work hard with them together for so many years, nothing can change the achievements we have made toms classic together. "

At the moment, Knight constitute formally James + Carey-Owen Andrew Wiggins + Anthony Bennett's four champion combination, runs through NBA toms classic history, only Lakers has a team with the four champion combination twice. James eager to win the championship again, he also hopes to bring a championship to Cleveland, and now he's back, to see if he can finally realize their promise.

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