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Where will James go, the answer is about to be announced

According to ESPN reporter Chris - Brossard reports, news sources said, the Heat Big Three out of the contract collectively whereabouts does not keep consistency , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh tend to renew the Heat, while James's whereabouts is to be determined.

Local On Wednesday, the Big Three hold a meeting, but after the meeting the media only get the content that James wanted a maximum contract, about his specific whereabouts is unknown.According to the news source broke the news that James does not require toms schuhe schweiz or recommend Bosh and Wade out of the contract, or take a pay cut to help the Heat to add other top players. This is produced a curious on the whereabouts of James, whether he will stay in Miami?

After Wade and Chris Bosh have been out of the contract, James meet duo for lunch in Miami Beach , did the media generally believe that the Big Three will negotiate with a contract extension for next season, the Big Three will stay in Miami. But according to the news got currently, Bosh and Wade plans to stay in Miami, No one knows James's plans .

"Now everything has become complicated and confusing," one insider said of James, whether to stay in Miami. "He needs to be sure that a maximum salary." After Wade and Chris Bosh make sacrifices, the Heat can give James out of $20.7 million maximum salary at least, while Miami still remaining cap space to chase Lowry, Ruhr - toms schuhe kinder Deng and Paul - Gasol trio one.

Many experts believe that even though James return to the Miami Heat,he will not sign a long contract with the team, toms schuhe two years should be James's bottom line.

Knight, Nets and Celtics reached a three-way deal, the Cavaliers got a green army future draft picks and trade exception, the Nets got the Cavaliers Jia Lite - Jack and Sergey - Kara Shove, Kay Stewart who got the Nets Marcus - Thornton, Tyler Knight - Zeller and 2016 first-round pick.

Knights cleared 24 million of cap space by deal , they can open a maximum salary contract for James. Meanwhile Knight got right from the Nets signed three players, 2012, No. 57 show Ilkan Karaman, 2004 No. 51 show Christian Drejer, 2006, No. 56 show Edin Bavcic.

Jack last season, averaging 9.5 points and 4.1 assists, his contract was to expire in the summer of 2017, his next season's salary is 6.3 million. Thornton's contract expires next year in the summer, next season, his salary was approximately 8.6 million.

There has been news that James will choose a future under the house in Miami and Cleveland. James's team has informed the local police, James Cleveland will make a decision in the evening local time on July 10, allowing local ready. Police believe this could be a celebration.

After Fox Sports reporter Sam Amico said police in the vicinity of residential Akron in James increased police presence. This makes a lot of Cleveland fans believe James will return to Cleveland, has a lot of fans gathered near his home in Akron.

But James is being run training camp in Las Vegas, after which he will travel to Brazil to see the World Cup finals.

After the news that James will announce his personal whereabouts at the official website, but I do not know because of the volume of traffic or other failures, there can not be a normal visit its official website.

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