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Argentina 4-2 Netherlands on penalties, after a lapse of 24 years and then cut into the final

2014 World Cup semi-final the second games start the race in Sao Paulo, the Netherlands against Argentina. The two sides ultimately goalless in 120 minutes. In the penalty shootout, Fula Er, Sneijder missed penalty one after another. Eventually Argentina 4-2 on penalties beat rival, after a lapse of 24 years enter final.

Both sides have eight games against Class A record in international competition, the Dutch team four wins and three draws and one defeat absolute advantage over Argentina. If a single count 90 minutes of normal time, the Dutch still remain unbeaten against Argentina. In the history of the World Cup four times the two sides played against, Argentina 1 win and 2 losses strive. Argentina was the only time victory over the Netherlands in 1978 World Cup finals.

Argentina had to win all three toms schweiz World Cup semi-final, but the last time enter finals was in 1990. Nearly 16 World Cup games over 120 minutes only lost once, was 0-4 lost to Germany last. Di Maria injured, Rojo and Enzo - Perez into the starting rotation. Dutch team, the De Jong to replace Pres appearances, Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben partner attack line.

Both players silence for Di Stefano , Argentina armband crape play. After the start of the game both sides are very cautious, the 13th minutes, Kuyt transition to Robben, who reached the frontier closed area, Sneijder keep long shots but missed. After 1 minute, Enzo - Perez suffered violations of the restricted area arc lateral the ball, the Argentine team won the opportunity to locate the ball, Messi shot straight through the wall, Xi Laisen a Cepu ball pressure in the body.

106 minutes ClaiSen closing down the face of Sergio Aguero, lightweight spike extraordinary Manchester City striker, chic low pass found defender teammate. The 107th minutes, Pablo Zabaleta in the wing and Kuyt scraping his head against the other shoulder, fall to the ground. The 110th minutes, plug in from 35 meters toms schuhe after Defuly heavy artillery missed. The 115th minutes, the Argentine middle to get a good opportunity, Palacio slightly lighter power header shot was easily confiscated by ClaiSen. The 117yh minutes, Messi on the right Fula Er sudden strong success, the bottom line to the point of gold, Maxi volleyed the ball bounced then confiscated by ClaiSen .The game into a penalty shootout.

Argentina World Cup ever penalty shootout win 3 lost 1, the Netherlands is a 2-1. Dutch first appearance is defender Fula Er, Romero was saved; Argentine side is Messi, easy to fool Xilai Sen throws,0-1. The second round, Robben fool Romero, pushed the ball into the bottom right dead; Gareth upper corner of heavy shelling into the goal, 1-2. toms schuhe zürich Section 3, Romero saved Sneijder's cross-body half lob; Aguero Tui hit the bottom left corner, 1-3. Section 4, Kuyt succeeded, 2-4, Maxi ball into the penalty, Argentina qualify for the finals.

When Maxi Rodriguez to score the penalty to send network that moment, Argentina into the World Cup finals. This victory for Argentina is not easy, though losing a gorgeous coat of football, but the team Macy's has successfully entered the final. The Argentina captain also ran on the pitch the moment of victory, also with tears in the eyes of Messi, Argentina 24-year wait is finally re-entered the World Cup finals.

Phase than Messi, Mascherano more excited, Ravitch hug to celebrate with Javier Mascherano who has been crying after the game, while himself has moved to tears. Argentina enter into the finals in crying. The victory is much significance for Argentina, after a lapse of 24 years Argentina reentry the World Cup finals. From Maradona to Messi Pampas Eagle efforts finally saw the return, plus the 2006 and 2010 World Cup the painful defeat, so this victory is even more precious.

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