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2014 Brazil World Cup Group E Nike Air Max second round of the French in the new stadium in Salvador water 5 to 2 victory over Switzerland, the basic lock qualify. Benzema missed penalty kick but sent two pass, Giroux a pass a shot, Matuidi, Val Buena and Sissoko construction of a power each, Switzerland pulled two goals by the Zhema Erie and Zaka

France make two adjustments in the starting lineup at this field, Giroux replace Gelieziman the Zema La edge, Sissoko instead of Bo Geba debut. Switzerland has the same two changes, in the last game to score Mahdi Ahmadi and Sefei Pavlovic replace Stoke and Del Mickey.

Beginning stages, the two sides are not fast-paced, and the French a little advantage. After 6 minutes, Benzema cross the frontier closed area trip two-curling shot, the ball just wide of the far corner. A minute later, people worried scene appeared, Giroux high heels kicked Swiss defender Von Bergen's face, the latter fall to the ground with Bleed, the doctor indicate must substitutions, the former Arsenal midfielder Sunderbans Ross emergency bench.

Race to the 17th ??minutes, Val Buena pass in the right corner, Giroux Qiangdian header, although Leo Burnett flutter a little ball but still flying into the top right corner, France 1-0 lead Switzerland, which is French the World Cup race in 100 balls. Just one minute later, Behrami return errors after Benzema steals assigned to the left, low shot inside the restricted area near the corner Matuidi succeeded, France 2 minutes with 2 goals, 2 to 0 lead in Switzerland

The 31th minutes, Benzema drove into the left side of the penalty area, Zhu Lu be tripped, the referee decisive penalty. Then Benzema surgeon kick, his shot hit Benaglio saved, this is the first missed penalty in this tournament.Then Cabaye keep up Kongmen but hit the post, Switzerland escaped unharmed. The 40th minutes, the Swiss defense was ripped again, Guevara within Zhise, Giroux left after fast break pass, Val Buena in the unguarded easily push Kongmen succeeded, at halftime when France Switzerland 3-0 lead.

The 67th minutes, Benzema finally found a chance to spit stuffiness, Bo Geba to the right cross, Senderos appeared deadly siege mistakes, Nike Schuhe Benzema turned half volley fire, Leo Burnett the ball between the legs from the drill within the network, leading France 4-0 Switzerland, this is the Benzema 3th balls in this tournament. The 73th minutes, Benzema Road-point shot to the right, hit the bottom left corner to keep up with the Tui Sissoko, 5-0!

The 76th minutes, Benzema sent out, Matuidi left the restricted area small-angle shot was Air Max saved, Benzema Leo Burnett blank range has been renewed resolve. The 81th minutes, the Swiss finally save face. Erie 30 meters away from the free kick through the gap between the wall and drill into the bottom left corner, the score was tie it at 1 to 5. The 87th minutes, YiinLe Road cross restricted volley hit the offside trap after Zaka near corner, 2 to 5! The 93th minutes, Sissoko right pass, Benzema Tui success in the upper left corner of the penalty arc, but the referee had already blown the final whistle, the ball was disallowed, and ultimately defeated France 5-2 Switzerland.

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